such a worrier all i do is worry worry worry

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now when people (rudely) ask me why i got my nose pierced i can say ‘i wanted to make it abundantly clear that i am not straight’

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all ive learnt from tinder is that most girls who like girls have nose piercings

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be the person your dog thinks you are

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oh also i’m going to y-not this weekend!! can u imagine how fuckin crazy it’s gonna be when the fratelli’s play ‘chelsea dagger’!!

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boys are horrible oh my GOD

i didn’t like get get with this guy but we were v. flirty and had a lil kiss and like on the ride home he had his arm round me and it was kinda cute w/e that was that but i just facebooked him and he has a girlfriend!!! ughhh!! like i’m not at all upset for me i’m just so upset for his girlfriend! boys are so mean!

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must stop kissing boys i know

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