I’m not particularly funny today, you know how someday’s you wake up and you’re funny and someday’s you’re not? Today i am not funny.
― Ben Howard, iTunes Festival 24/11 (via fletcher-irwin)
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Mapei x Chance the Rapper

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white boys be like “im gonna make you come so hard” and ur like, what to my senses

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i really fuckin wish people weren’t shamed for what they wear. i was with some friends the other night and there were some scantily clad gals going out and they all looked banging and my friend (who i previously thought was quite progressive) went ‘when did clothes become out of fashion?’ and ‘through years of evolution, we’ve produced this.’ and ‘well if i can see it all, where’s the fun?’ and it really irked me. those gals can wear what they want! they’re not dressing for u! u prefer more clothes on ladies? that’s great! don’t shame others for doing what they like! fuck off!

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on such a catfish and the bottlemen hype

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fuck it if they talk, fuck it if they try and get to us. cos i’d rather go blind, than let you down.

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